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2014 ASCO Annual Meeting : Evaluating efficacy and safety of paclitaxel polymeric micelle regimen in advanced and metastatic NSCLC patients in Hai Phong Oncology Centre Vietnam.

2014 ASCO Annual Meeting

Lung Cancer - Non-Small Cell Metastatic

Lung Cancer - Non-Small Cell Metastatic

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This abstract will not be presented at the 2014 ASCO Annual Meeting but has been published in
conjunction with the meeting.

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J Clin Oncol 32, 2014 (suppl; abstr e19085)

Nguyen Lam Hoa; Hai Phong Oncology Centre, Hai Phong Medical University-Vietnam., Hai Phong, Vietnam

Background: Cremophor EL, used to enhance drug solubility, may add to paclitaxel’s toxicities such as hypersensitivity reactions or peripheral neuropathy. This is to report the efficacy and safety of Cremophor-Free, Polymeric Micelle Formulation of Paclitaxel ( PAXUS PM or known also as GENEXOL-PM) as a combined chemotherapy with carboplatin in patients with Locally advanced and Metastatic Non Small-Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) conducted in Hải Phòng Oncology Centre, Vietnam. 

Methods: The patients met inclusion/exclusion criteria underwent the tests for the scheduled treatments. After the tests, the
Paclitaxel Polymeric Micelle and Carboplatin were administered to the patients. At least 4 cycles every 3 weeks up to 6 cycles were administered, unless definite disease progression was confirmed. After each cycle of the treatment, and prior to the next cycle, the pre-scheduled tests were performed and the safety was evaluated. The efficacy and toxicities were evaluated after the 2 cycles of treatment. 

Results: In 80 patients with stage IIIB/ IV NSCLC who had not been or had been previously treated with other chemotherapy regimen, received Paclitaxel Polymeric Micelle 230mg/ m2 in 3 hours infusion plus carboplatin AUC 6 on day 1 of every 3-week cycle for a maximum of six cycles. A total of 384 cycles were given with the mean of 4,8 cycles. The clinical responses were PR = 40.7%, SD = 48.2% and PD = 11.1%. The Hematological toxicities were manageable and varied from grade -1 until grade-3 in 80 evaluable patients where the grade-3 of Neutropenia were recorded in 22 patients ( 27.5%). 

Conclusions: High-dose of the Paclitaxel Polymeric Micelle in combination with Carboplatin showed significant effective with acceptable and manageable toxicities as first line treatment for patients with Locally advanced and Metastatic Non-small cell lung cancer.


Brand Name: PAXUS™ PM (South East Asia), GENEXOL® PM (Korea & other territories)